Updated Safety Procedures

At Piatti, we have always prided ourselves on the concept of genuine hospitality, especially when it comes to serving our local community. We take our role seriously and believe in the power of creating memorable experiences over great food & drink. 

We have spent the last two months, not only preparing for our reopening but also, enhancing the Piatti experience so that it is the best it’s ever been, at a time when our community needs it most. Our goal is to make you feel as normal as possible while behind the scenes we are keeping you safe and well. We understand our guests may have more specific questions so for your peace of mind, we want you to know specifically what we are doing.

Expanded Seating and Open Air Venues

Each of our locations have creatively maximized seating opportunities taking full advantage of our outdoor, open air spaces such as patios, parking lots and additional dining rooms.
We guarantee a minimum distance of 6 feet or more between tables and we will be seating parties no larger than 6 (children and babies count).

Removal of Pre-set Items

All items will be set on tables after guests are seated.

Contactless Exchanges

We are encouraging access to digital menus via our website and personal handheld device and providing contactless payment options.  

Staff Health and Wellness

All staff will go through a thorough wellness check ahead of each shift and will be trained to self check before each shift and in order to spot the early signs. 

Uniforms and Face Coverings

All staff will wear masks and gloves and be trained on the proper handling of masks and changing of gloves.

Clean Is Now Cleaner

Staff is required to wash hands every 30 minutes and between customer interactions.
Sanitation of shared surfaces and bathrooms will occur every 30 minutes and at table turns.
Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the restaurant.