Tips for Hosting the Perfect Event

Oct 6, 2015 by lionassociates
Here at Piatti, we have dedicated teams of Event Planners who work with our guests to put together memorable on-site and off-site events. But not everyone has "party planner" on their resume, so for those looking for some insider tips on how to throw a fantastic event, we tapped our experts. Here's what they said:
  1. If you're having a fancy affair or an event that requires lots of posing for the camera, make sure that the cocktail hour is designed with this in mind. Choose appetizers that are 'lipstick worthy' and can be managed with one hand; ie: you can't bite into a pulled pork slider without dropping your glass and smudging your lipstick.
  2. Choose a signature cocktail that is event or theme-related. This is where you can get really creative. You can go with colors - if the birthday girl's favorite color is pink, try a Paloma with pink grapefruit juice or you can go event related - a Mexican fiesta most definitely requires margaritas in one form or another.
  3.  Keep it simple. The point about get togethers is to Get. Together. So don't spend the entire time in the kitchen. Either decide on an easy, make-ahead meal that you can just finish off in the oven and serve, gather everyone outside and cook over the grill, have a potluck-theme and have each person bring a contribution, or have it catered. (Indulgent self promotion here.) Most Piatti locations provide off-site catering , so why not let the experts take care of it?
  4. Decorations are such a personal thing and also very specific to the type of event you're throwing. But our main advice here is keep it simple and reflective of your own personal style. Use things you already have on-hand: mason jars to hold flowers, napkins - even if they don't match, mix it up!, DIY napkin rings. The list goes on. If you're in need of certain items, like wine goblets or serving platters, hit up your local flea market or discount stores like TJ Maxx or Ross; it's amazing what gems you'll discover!
  5. Have fun!
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