Giving Back

Piatti’s commitment to our surroundings is reflected in our dedication to our community and environment. We donate over $100,000 each year to local schools and select charities. As the real gift lies within the giving, we feel fortunate to share our bounty with our neighbors. To learn more or to apply to our Dine for Dollars fundraising program click here

From converting the grease in our fryers to biodiesel, to using recycled paper and soy based inks, we continually strive to make decisions based on what’s best for the environment. While not every restaurant and hotel has its own organic garden (though quite a few do!) 50% of our produce is locally grown, and tastes like it. Anything that can be recycled is, from glass to ink cartridges to food scraps for compost for our nearby farmers. That brings us full circle to getting our food locally; it’s the circle of life, literally.

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